Insurance - Life, Health and General

Insurance is a policy representing a contract in which an individual or entity  receives financial protection from the insurance company against any losses.

Life: Our day-to-day life is full of unpredictable risks for example loss of life, loss of income, critical illness, disability, etc. Agrasen Finserv Pvt Ltd does Insurance Planning to figure out adequate cover against “Insurable Risks” and getting the maximum out of the premium you pay.

Health: One must have medical insurance for their self. A health insurance policy guarantees an insured that the insurer will shoulder medical payment as per the terms decided by the insurer. Any medical emergency can be therefore handled by this insurance. Hence, you have not to be a worry about sudden medical expenses; you will get this money from the insurer.

General Insurance (Insurance for Assets, Personal Accident, etc.)
General insurance will help you mitigate the financial losses incurred due to bad surprises of life and damage to the assets you value most. It offers you financial protection against perils faced with regards to your property, vehicle, personal accidents, health, and travel.

We at Agrasen Finserv, along with knowledge and dedicated infrastructure will help you to choose the best policy plan with the right additional riders available in India. We also provide complete after sales service related to claims & settlements, monitor your policy terms & renewals.