Mutual funds

Mutual funds are investment products through which one can invest in an asset class of their choice such as equity, debt, gold or real estate. One can diversify his portfolio holdings even with small amounts, by investing in gold and real estate through mutual funds. In mutual funds risk can be mitigated, since they hold many company’s stocks within one investment basket, they offer more diversification than owning one or two individual stocks.

Investing in Mutual fund is an ideal choice for investors where in an experienced equity player; we call fund manager takes the charge for the same and invest in stock market. The funds are categorized as: Equity Oriented Funds; Debt Funds ; Hybrid Funds (Combination of Equity and Debt based instruments.)

We offer a number of ways to invest in mutual funds through our empanelment with AMCs. We establish our selection on first-hand, in-depth research taking into consideration various factors including investment philosophy, portfolio quality, risk-adjusted returns and market development.