Pre IPO Stocks & Investment In Start UPS

Pre-IPO Stocks are not traded on the listed stock exchange. They will be listed in the future after a few years when their management decides to come out with an IPO.

Why to invest in Unlisted Shares?

  • Greatest success stories to come from the businesses of the modern times who can be the game changer.
  • The returns on such stocks could be multi-bagger.
  • Ordinary returns in equity asset class – Traditional businesses, Extraordinary return in equity asset class – Modern businesses.
  • They come for IPO when the success story is very much evident and visible to the world at large.

Startups: With a new trend of entrepreneurship, many innovative start ups are coming. We provide you with an opportunity to invest in these start ups and be a part owner of the startup. These investments involve high-risk and high-return and requires a longer time horizon.